Kim Hing Group


Corporate Information

Kim Hing Group was established in the year 1957 in Singapore by Mr Tan Kim Pheow as Kim Hing Company, a marine foodstuffs trading company. Determined to offer a premium selection of quality edible bird's nest, Mr Tan founded Dragon Brand Bird's Nest.

Dragon Brand Bird's Nest is known as the "birthplace of Asia's edible bird's nest artisans". The heritage brand is the world’s oldest brand in the niche industry that has full value-chain capabilities from the upstream to the downstream, serving the B2B and B2C markets. The brand is also recognised as the pioneer for the establishment of world's first selection and processing (cleansing) facility in Singapore in the 1960s.

Kim Hing Group seeks to perpetually assist and guide industry participants through non-profit entities within the multi-billion revenue industry.

Kim Hing Group has progressed to become a corporate group with diversified business interests. It is now managed by the third generation family members with main business activities involving edible bird's nest trading and value-chain activities financing, traditional and alternative investments as well as charitable initiatives.

Kim Hing Group is based in Singapore.

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